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a squeaking sounds with you at times? wd-40 quarterly results -- >> what time is it? >> if your twins had a swing in the backyard, wd-40. you don't have a backyard. that's why i said if. >> hinges. hinges on doors. just recently. you sneak around in the middle of the night. people are trying to sleep. >> pre-war building. >> i'm sneaking out to get here in the middle of the night. >> she had the music going and who knows what's going. >> i'm trying to defend you. >> oh, yeah, right. >> wd-40 quarterly results disappointed wall street. it said it was hurt by lower sales in its american segment. full year results will be at the lower end of its outlook blaming continued uncertainty in europe and oil prices. >> people buying fewer older cars or what? >> don't know what that was. alcoa was weird. we said it was earnings but it was a loss. pushed into a loss. >> better than expected. >> $2 million which is a zero loss because it's not even, doesn't equate to a per share loss. if you factor out items it was a six cent profit. $8 stock. >> comes the first day -- >> we have to make it significant
't know if everybody caught that. >> and kayla too. a twofer. >> angela merkel. great birthday twin to have. >> we'll see how it all plays out. okay. we'll get back to the story of the morning, google executive, marissa mayer taking over as yahoo! president and ceo and she starts today. one another factoid. she's pregnant. isn't that interesting. marissa mayer is pregnant. it's funny because i was with her -- >> thought you meant patty. >> not patty, marissa mayer was pregnant. i was with her a couple of months ago and we were at a conference in mexico and people were drinking pina coladas and margaritas and i walked away and was thinking. >> some people don't drink and doesn't mean they are pregnant. we'll get back to -- becky isn't drinking this morning. doesn't mean she's pregnant. can i get a margarita. >> good morning. thank you for being here. big debate. i don't even know if it's a big debate. is she going to turn around? can he had? >> it's too early to say. there's justifiably some excitement. it's bean while since you had somebody with a real product focus. i think for the
rate every corner in manhattan. that's what us new yorkers do. >> that's your reason for raising twins in this cesspool? that's why you're here? you have to walk outside and -- >> we love it here. it's beautiful. it's beautiful at the fira. >> did you take the lincoln tunnel this morning? >> no. that three quarter of a mile stretch can take an hour and a half. >> same thing on the bridge. no traffic, no problems. let's get to other headlines this morning. we've heard from intel with their earnings last night. they had a profit of 54 cents a share. that was 2 cents better than the street was expecting, but the company forecast that current quarterly revenues would come in below what the street expected. intel's forecast is reflecting weakeneni weakening pc sales. ben bernanke is back on capitol hill this morning. bernanke spoke about the ongoing weakness in the u.s. economy in his senate appearance yesterday. steve leisman we'll have more in a moment. also, we get fresh numbers from the u.s. housing market later this morning. economists think that june housing starts register an increas
we had our twins we breast fed, or my wife -- >> we? >> we should never say we're pregnant. my wife breast fed. however early on because we had two guys we needed extra formula to supplement what was going on. >> by the way, you've gone through an incredibly difficult process no matter how you gave birth. it's incredibly difficult and at the beginning you don't know what's happening. sure, look, it's a better path that's what doctors will tell you. that isscience changes that eve five years. it's not easy for everybody and it's a stupid judgment to make on people. mothers face so many difficult horrible decisions that they have to make all the time and they feel guilty no matter what. you don't need to pile on. >> hopefully mr. bloomberg was watching. >> probably doesn't care what i think. sfee mig >> he might. >> we've been watching stocks rallying over the last week. joining us right now is bob doll, senior advisor of blackrock. bob, it's great time to have you here because the markets right now seem convinced that things are looking a little bit better. back above 13,000 for the
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. these storms mean businesses and there's more storms to deal with in the north and west in the twin cities and down around cincinnati. that's the general pattern through the mid-part of the week. we have this boundary stuck in place across the upper midwest trailing into the mid-atlantic region. these storms ride up through that general vicinity, while the middle of the country stays hot and dry. some of these storms could be strong to severe throughout you're day, getting down into the southern mid-atlantic. damaging wind and hail is the mainly risk, and the darker shade to the red, we could see more storms develop late into the evening and overnight hours. minneapolis backed ut again towards chicago. outside of the storms there is that heat. more heat advisories to deal with for the day. kansas city, st. louis over towards western kentucky including paducah. heat index values brutal. it will feel like it's around 105 to 110 degrees. actual degrees for today 10 to 15 degrees average. it's going to be stifling, so take it easy today and even into tomorrow. so guys the hot summer, it contin
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7